I taked the bus to Tainan at 00:40 am for my grandmother. She got cancer and had a surgery today. I didn't sleep well on the bus. Finally, I arrived at 05:00 am And I taked the Taxi to the hospital. My grandmother looked....... you know it's cancer so she looked not so well. And our family waited for the surgery they said should start at 07:30. BUT, because the ICU had no bed at that time. So we still waited until 11:20. And the surgery finish at 14:40 I think. We went to the ICU and my grandmother looked very bad and keep shaking her head because she was very unconfortable. And her hands was tied for her safety. But we just can leave her at ICU. After that, my dad take me to the Tainan HSR station let me go back to Taipei.

Well, live and death is really hard things. Be strong and carry on.


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